All This Bad Blood: 2CD


Now available as an amazing 2 Disc CD edition, Bad Blood has been repackaged, renamed and fully reloaded with amazing new previously unavailable material and the hugely sought after "Other Peoples Heartache" songs

DISC 1: Bad Blood
1. Pompeii
2. Things We Lost in the Fire
3. Bad Blood
4. Overjoyed
5. These Streets
6. Weight of Living, Pt. II
7. Icarus
8. Oblivion
9. Flaws
10. Daniel in the Den
11. Laura Palmer
12. Get Home

Part I: All This Bad Blood
1. Poet
2. The Silence
3. Haunt
4. Weight of Living, Pt. I
5. Sleepsong
6. Durban Skies
7. Laughter Lines

Part II: Other People's Heartache
8. Previously on Other People's Heartache...
9. Of the Night
10. The Draw
11. What Would You Do
12. Skulls
13. Tuning Out...

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